About us

Welcome to Easypumpit online store, where you can find the best 1000 piece puzzles for the adult.
Did you know, that puzzles enhance the human intellectual process? As they demand persistence, patience, and logic to make out.

We are the official dealer of Lomalson, so you will always have the best price and discounts. Our 1000 piece puzzles have a good quality and feature beautiful stylish themes: landscapes, views, still lifes, famous paints reproductions.

We ship from a warehouse in the USA. Domestic delivery time 3 working days.

Putting the puzzle together is a great way to have hours of family fun! You can enjoy your time without gadgets and technologies. Jigsaw puzzles improve your problem-solving skills. This is the best gift for both adults and teens.

Order beautiful jigsaw puzzles at Easypumpit store, and have a good time!

Our contacts: E-mail info@easypumpit.com, 441 W. Allen Ave., #116 San Dimas CA 91773, +1 213 503 8766